Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Ya Rou Bian in Ximending, Taipei

Duck Noodles

After that bowl of noodles, our local colleague suggested that we walk down the street to a place that he used to go to as a kid (98-2 Zhonghua Road Section 1, 2371-3918). They were known for serving these duck noodles since 1950, so we got a couple of bowls to try it out.

It was fine. The broth was light and refreshing, and the taste was accentuated by those fried shallots on top. The meat seemed a bit strange though; it tasted more like pork than duck. When we asked, we realized that it was indeed pork, even though the broth was based on duck.

It turned out that this was because we got the cheap NT$50 (US$1.70) bowls. Had we wanted the namesake duck, we had to cough up a whopping NT$800 (US$27) for only half of a bird. We never ended up getting the duck in the end.

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