Saturday, December 16, 2017

Tiantian Haixian Dapaidang in Shantou, China

Teochew Oyster Omelette

I'm not sure of the background of this place (705 Jinhong Road, 8620-8386), but our local host took us here tonight, and I was pretty happy with the food, like their Teochew oyster omelette above and a deep fried baitfish-like snack. And despite it being a seafood place, I was the most excited about their beef ball soup, as the balls were super firm and reminiscent of The Beef House in Singapore. Actually, they were even better because there seemed to be some kind of fat globules or something inside that provided an extra burst of tasty flavor when you bit into them. Indeed, this entire street seemed to be filled with beef restaurants; I'm not exactly sure how beef is prepared around here, but I'm very curious now.

Side note: our local hosts mentioned that no one around here eats muay porridge with distinct rice grains in them, as it is considered to be bad for the digestive system.

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