Sunday, December 17, 2017

A Teochew Lunch Behind Chaozhou's Ancient City Wall

Puning Fried Tofu

I was a bit worried that our lunch destination today was smack in the middle of touristy old town Chaozhou. But the food at this random shop was wonderful, particularly those Puning fried tofu above, which were nicely crisp on the outside and tender in the middle, all while being complemented with a sprig of mint. I was also rather impressed by some thin dark-colored gelatinous cakes that were mildly sweet, as well as some kind of syrup-coated yam and taro dessert that effectively was a Teochew version of gulab jamun.

Nearly everything else that we had was good too, be it the oyster omelette, carrot cake sticks, and some kind of rice roll and kueh things, even if I didn't like the beef balls as much as the ones from last night. Perhaps also fascinating were chwee kueh that were barely half the size of the ones in Singapore, yet firmer, less oily, and without chili sauce. I definitely prefer the Singaporean ones then.

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