Thursday, July 06, 2017

Restoran Ahwa in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Tofu Sandwiches

The local team took me here for dinner tonight, and it was pretty darned good (66 Jalan 14/48, Seksyen 14, 012-212 0623). It was an open air hawker center, but with an anchor tenant doing a local Hokkien Mee. It didn't have as much lard as the other night but was still good, and perhaps more interestingly they had a version featuring skinny beehoon noodles instead.

Ikan Bakar

There were a lot of other stalls surrounding it though, and we had a variety of things including some kind of sliced cuttlefish, those fried tofu sandwich things at the top, as well as the grilled stingray above. The local team felt that the stingray was too dry but I was rather happy with its slight smokiness and stanky sambal. Apparently the clams here were supposed to be good too, but we couldn't eat any more.

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