Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Wong Ah Wah Roast Chicken Wing Restaurant, Kuala Lumpur

Ikan Bakar

Damn, that was pretty f*ckin' good. To whoever recommended that ikan bakar last time, thank you! Admittedly I don't know if this place (1 Jalan Alor, 2144-2463) was necessarily anything special, as it was just a random spot at the end of the street that happened to be grilling stingray in front of the shop. In fact, I didn't even try the chicken wings that they boast about in their name, as I specifically wanted to try the stingray instead.

The guy starts out by vigorously rubbing salt (and a few other seasonings) into all sides and crevasses of the stingray by hand before throwing it on a big flat metal grill. There wasn't any of that sambal sauce covering it like I've seen in was basically just salt and grease, which translated into a delightfully crispy thing. They did provide an accompanying chili sauce with diced raw onions in it; it wasn't bad on its own, but it was so sour that it overpowered the taste of the fish itself, so I only used it sparingly on some of the inner meat pieces that may not have been exposed to the salt and grease. Anyway, good call on this...I really liked it, even if I still don't have the skills to be able to distinguish the meat from the bones in a stingray until after it enters my mouth.

Grilling Bak KwaAs I walked back up the street, there were a few guys grilling bak kwa. I easily fell victim to that lovely smoke rising into the air, and ended up picking up a slice to try it out. It was still scorching hot coming off the grill, and rather limp in the process too, but I did like how this one wasn't too sweet.

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