Sunday, April 05, 2015

Exploring Ghim Moh Temporary Market

Chwee Kueh

The Ghim Moh Temporary Market was a convenient place for lunch today. The first stall we hit up was the chwee kueh stall #37, which incidentally had this huuuuuge stack of them laid out in front. Perhaps more interesting though was that their topping had a very pronounced saltiness to it. That immediately scored points in my much that I would in fact prefer to come here than most other stalls which tend to have a tinge of sweetness instead.

Pork Porridge

Next up was the porridge lady just a few stalls down the way at #40. Yeah, I liked how they obliterated the grains of rice, but the yu sheng here was a bit odd, as it came with not just some salty ikan bilis on top, but also a pile of iceberg lettuce and fried wonton skins, as if it were trying to be the CNY version instead. Perhaps next time I'll find myself piling into the line for Tai Wah Pork Noodle, which had an outlet here too.

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