Sunday, August 02, 2015

The Teochew Cultural and Food Festival

Oyster Omelette

A Teochew festival has been running this weekend, this time at the Chui Huay Lim Club (190 Keng Lee Road). The highlight of the food by far was that oyster omelette above, which was much crispier than the one from yesterday, and also came with a stanky chili sauce plus some vinegary thing that just made me happy as a clam. Or an oyster, I guess?

Cooking Something

I then moved on to other stalls, including one doing two kinds of kway teow and some rice, both of which were fine. But what perhaps got me the most curious was this stall, which emanated a bit of an odor. And the dude kept pulling these long things out of his cauldron and sliced them up. Were they fishcake things? Or even some creature's penis? They were large intestines.

Guo Zhi

Eventually they put it all together into a bowl with some tofu and spices, which at first was very salty and stanky. But underneath were some flat rice sheets. After mixing it up, I swore it tasted just like Taiwanese oyster mee sua, with the taste of chili, cilantro, and large intestines. To my surprise, I nearly finished the entire bowl.

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