Saturday, August 01, 2015

Lots of Malaysian Food at Tangs Market

Jia Jia Penang Lore Selamat Fried Oyster

Tang's on Orchard re-did their basement sometime ago, but I had never really stopped to eat there, perhaps in part because of how terribly cramped and devoid of seating there is in there. Still, we were nearby and needed a quick bite, and to my surprise, a lot of the stalls were serving Malaysian-style food.

That oyster omelette above, for instance, was from a Penang-style stall that also did char kuey tiao, both of which did the job. There was another stall doing that dark KL-style hokkien mee, which I also didn't mind. Next time I want to try those little bowls of laksa and chendol that I saw others getting.

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