Sunday, April 04, 2010

The Beef House, Fengshan Food Centre

Beef Ball Noodle

We weren't planning to come here. We just happened to be in the neighborhood when I noticed this old favorite of mine, which I haven't been to in ages ever since the Killiney Road location shut down. With an outlet of theirs now in front of me (85 Bedok North Street 4 #01-251, 9852-4078), I figured I'd get a bowl of what I refer to as "Wall Street Journal meatballs."

They were pretty much the same thing as before, although for some reason I just didn't get that excited about them anymore. Maybe my tastes have changed over the years, preferring Indonesian bakso over this instead. Well, if I'm out here again, then I'll have to remember to try the dry noodle version; it looked pretty good and might renew my interest in this place.

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kiamkana said...

Why "wall street journal" ?