Thursday, March 18, 2010

Baso Malang Oasis, Jakarta Airport

Mie Ayam Baso

On the way to the airport tonight, I started thinking about Indonesian soups (especially since I really didn't get a chance to get street food on this very quick business trip), and how it'd be great to get a bowl before getting on the plane. So I found this little stand outside before going in that was surrounded by locals, and figured that it'd be a good bet, even if folks were approaching me with offers to shine my shoes or sell me a fake watch.

I wasn't quite sure what to order, but this mie ayam baso seemed like the right choice. And the right choice it was. It was already pretty tasty on its own, but then it lit up after I figured out that the brown chili sauce wasn't sweet like the red one was. I wolfed this thing down in seconds, even if the soup was a tad salty and the meatballs disturbingly rubbery. It still hit the spot, and reminded me of those bowls of bakso on Kuta Beach.

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