Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Snacks from Bintan, Indonesia

Soto Mie and Tom Yam Goong

Here were just a couple of quick snacks from our beach resort here in Bintan. The first one was a quick bowl of soto mie served poolside. It was pretty straightforward at first...that is, until I dug into the bottom where several mouse dropping chilis were hiding, half-delightfully (and half-painfully) putting my mouth on fire after accidentally chewing and swallowing them. No wonder why they didn't provide any sambal on the side.

Pisang Empat Puluh Hari

And this was a set of minature bananas that are apparently very common on this island neighboring Singapore. Known as "40-day bananas" (in reference to the amount of time it takes for the fruit to mature), they were a bit of a challenge to eat given not only their small sizes but also their thinner skins. The taste wasn't exactly anything that much better than normal bananas though.

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