Thursday, March 22, 2007

Vietnamese Spring Rolls...uhh...from the Hotel

Fried and fresh spring rolls

Here's a plate of fried and fresh spring rolls from the hotel. Yes, I'm quite embarrased to have opted for this US$9 ripoff, especially after having just eaten that dirt-cheap bowl of noodles off the streets. But hey - it was poolside, and we couldn't resist a quick nibble.

At least it was done very well (the fresh basil and shiso leaves helped), and it's not like it was delivered by a gimmicky boat or anything like that. Don't worry - we're getting out of the hotel soon. This is just to hold us over until dinner.


D said...

Dude, Ho Chi Minh really has some kickass food. I spent two weeks here about three weeks ago and did some posts on food in Vietnam (nearby provinces as well besides, Ho Chi Minh)
Check it out if you want some ideas.

Kathy said...

Some suggestions if you have time -- grab Banh Xeo (pancake) from 46A Dinh Cong Trang Street in District 1, or duck noodles from Mi Chu Tac at 20-6A Ky Dong Street in District 3.

Otherwise just follow your nose and gut feel on the street! It's Saigon after all.

Take lots of pictures!!