Saturday, April 29, 2006

Bali Again, Bakso Again

Check out the little plastic kiddie stools to squat on

Being in Bali again of course requires another bowl of my favorite local grub: bakso. We actually spotted the same lady on Kuta Beach as last time, but we figured it'd be good to try another guy instead to see if there were much of a difference.

A bowl of bakso with an extra egg too

It worked out in a good way. This guy skimped on the soup but that's also because he threw in lots of extra goodies like a meat-covered hard boiled egg (yeah, a bit like a Scotch Egg, but soggy as it was sitting in soup). His soup was still very tasty, and his hot sauce was the clincher, as it really packed a punch. He charged me 10,000 Rupiah (US$1.10), which was a bit more than the lady, but it was probably because of the optional egg. Anyway, I'm sure that there will be more of these bowls to come.


Nikita Kruschev said...

Somehow, after having authentic Italian polpette, i cannot get myself to touch those "meatballs".. :p

BMA: there's a pretty solid (for asia) italian there by Kuta beach, it's attached to Alam kulkul, a little "boutique" hotel.

Anonymous said...

Hiaz...whatever job u're holding, gotta be the best man. The flying gourmand!