Monday, April 05, 2010

Tonkatsu from Saboten Singapore

Negi Mizore Rosu Katsu

Yep - I'm back at PARCO Marina Bay again. This time, I wanted to check out Saboten (9 Raffles Boulevard, #P3-01, 6333-3432), a tonkatsu chain from Japan that has landed here. It was your typical tonkatsu shop, with loads of finely shredded cabbage, a number of condiments on the side, and sesame seeds under mortar and pestle. I grabbed my with a shredded daikon mizore topping, which came with a little serving of ponzu sauce.

It was fried just about right, with a crunchy outside and juicy inside, and the tonkatsu sauce went well with it. The dressings for the cabbage also allowed me to clear several bowls with ease. I nearly want to say that I prefer this place over Tonkichi, although the oil combined with my fatty rosu cut made this just a tad too greasy (and I prefer hojicha over the genmaicha that they serve after dinner here). The service here was pretty attentive and courteous though. I should get the leaner hire next time.

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Wei said...

wanted to introduce to you this relatively new yang rou chuan(chinese lamb skewer) shop.. IMO, its better than LDM(liu da ma) ,
the name is bbq box and is at 103 GEYLANG ROAD . it is abit more spicy than LDM, but u can specify them how much spicyness, saltiness, cumin u want..
the exotic meat skewer offerings here is much more edible then LDM, where the rest of the things suck at LDM