Monday, June 22, 2009

The Healthy Menu at Tonkichi

Ton Shabu Seto

I don't know how long Tonkichi has had this on their menu, but it was interesting to see that they had a healthy section that featured things like this ton shabu set. Just as with the proper version of shabu shabu, this cold salad featured the requisite goma-dare and ponzu sauce for one to dip those thin slices of lean pork into. It wasn't anything to go nuts over, but I suppose it really was healthier than tonkatsu. It was amusing to see deep fried vegetables in the same "healthy" section of the menu either way.


Cavalock said...

that's one of my fav. they have it since Nov last year (that's when i blogged bout it). love the sesame sauce.

foodbin said...

are those pickled cucumber?

vancityandy said...

The next time Im back in Japan, I am defintely getting into some of that. That looks great! Again the question must be asked. Are those cucumbers pickled?