Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Fu He Cheng Beef Ball in Shantou, China

Shantou Beef Hot Pot

I finally found that local hot pot place that the concierge was trying to direct me to yesterday (38 Jinsha Middle Road, 8823-6138). There were a lot of different cuts of meat available, but I just went with their recommendation of two cuts of fatty meat, which went into a clear broth. They were more like shavings of meat rather than slices, and weren't necessarily that tasty on their own. The only condiments were some kind of sweet shacha-like sauce and some celery leaves, neither of which did it for me.

Fortunately, the beef balls had some tasty bits in there. And the broth at the end of the meal was decently savory, kinda like the soup that you would get at the end of a Japanese shabu shabu. Plus, it was healthy with all those veggies, potato, and daikon in there too. But it was more bland than I thought it would be and it's not something I'm going to get cravings for either. Except for maybe that broth at the end.

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