Friday, December 02, 2016

Gobi Mongolian BBQ in Sunnyvale, California

Mongolian BBQ

I had a meeting down in the Valley this afternoon, so I grabbed some lunch here beforehand (1135 Tasman Drive, 408-752-0866). It was your typically grimy Mongolian barbecue place, but the good thing is that it was all-you-can-eat so that you didn't have to stack everything up so high in one shot.

Somehow I just couldn't get my sauces right though, despite going up for three different bowls. At first it wasn't salty nor spicy enough, and when I added more sauces it became too sweet. Most importantly, none of these bowls were as fragrant as they could be, as they didn't have any sesame oil available.

Speaking of fragrance, the ventilation wasn't very good in here and I ended up smelling like grease as I went to my next meeting. So no, this won't be my first choice to come back to, but that's not an issue as there seem to be plenty of other Mongolian barbecue places around here.

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