Saturday, September 08, 2012

El Camino Mongolian BBQ, Santa Clara

Mongolian BBQ

The last time I was here (3380 El Camino Real, 241-2413) was more than ten years ago, and the thing that made this place distinct from other Mongolian BBQs was that one got kimchi with his meal, as it was surrounded by a bunch of Korean shops. They have since changed owners, and unfortunately the kimchi was gone. But that didn't stop us from loading up on a couple of bowls of this stuff, which is much better here than those in Taiwan.

The new owner has remodeled and likes to keep the place clean, which is a refreshing change from grimey Su's down the street. And the owner is quite the happy camper too, greeting everyone with a smile and even walking first-timers through the sauce combinations. In that sense, I wouldn't mind coming back again, although it is just Mongolian BBQ at the end of the day, and I suppose that a mall's food court does the job just as well.

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