Saturday, September 12, 2009

Mongol's BBQ, Westwood, California

Mongolian BBQ

Here's an updated photo from Mongol's in Westwood (1064 Gayley Avenue, 310-824-3377), which we stopped at out of convenience after a very long day today. It looks like they've modified a few things since we were last here, like the fact that they will put the noodles on for you instead of one amusingly trying to pile it up high himself. And clearly they've also wised up to serving these things on plates now rather than in those space-limited bowls. But otherwise it was still the same nastily crude yet tasty Mongolian BBQ that we were after.


MAy said...

Hi, if you are in LA, now you should try Boiling Crab.

Anonymous said...

Enough with the noodles...take the opportunity for the rest of of us stuck in Singapore to get some great food at AOC.