Monday, September 25, 2006

Su's Mongolian Bar B Q, Santa Clara

The Merry Go Round BBQ

A half-decent form of Mongolian BBQ arrived in Singapore recently, but it still wasn't exactly the same as what I was used to, so it was fitting to come down to Su's (1111 El Camino Real, 408-985-2958) tonight for a greasy no-frills meal. Just as I would expect such a place to be, this place had thinly sliced meat, a circular grill for cooks to move around on, and a general feel of griminess (greasy tongs and countertops), with little or no regard for ambience (i.e., my kind of place). To further resonate with my heart, they offered sesame seeds and white pepper to sprinkle on after the cooks finished your bowl, as well as bottles of sesame oil (leaving a slimy residue on your fingers afterwards of course). Nice.

My bowlActually, I couldn't quite get my bowls to taste perfectly tonight, as I somehow kept getting too much oil at the bottom and not enough bite, despite my adjustments to the seasonings. I got a bit sick after a while too, although I suppose that's also my own fault for pigging out on three bowls (hey - in my defense, we skipped lunch today as we were too busy with meetings). Well, it was still quite satisfying going down; I nearly inhaled each of these bowls within a few minutes.

A Fortune CookieWhen we left, I saw something that I hadn't seen in a million years: the American fortune cookie. The owners here appeared to be from mainland China, but this place was screaming with American Chinese items, such as a bunch of useless egg rolls and fried rice on the side if you wanted them. I stayed far away from those so as to not to fill by valuable belly space with unnecessary food items that could be better occupied by the Mongolian BBQ itself.

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