Friday, March 14, 2014

President Restaurant Mongolian BBQ in SJ

Mongolian BBQ

For some reason, there aren't many Mongolian BBQ places up in the city nor even into the Peninsula. But once one goes deeper into the Valley, there are quite a few of them around. (BTW, does anyone know why Great Khan's closed at some of the malls around here?) We took a gamble by coming to this shop: after all, a place called "President Restaurant" doesn't exactly sound like much of a Mongolian BBQ place (1190 Hillsdale Avenue Suite 100A, 978-7188).

Fortunately, it was, complete with the giant round grill in the center of the restaurant as well as the grimey and greasy interior that usually accompanies this stuff. Now, the food wasn't exactly anything to get excited about, but it was still better than I thought it would be. I'll come back (interestingly, these guys also serve phở), but perhaps with a change of clothes given that I'll come out of here stanking like grease.

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Unknown said...

In West L.A. there is an all you can eat buffet place called Hokkaido. Despite the Japanese name, they have food from many countries, which is not that unusual. What I find pretty unique is that they have a Mongolian BBQ-like setup where you choose all your ingredients and hand them to a cook who grills them together. The big difference is that the ingredients are far, far better than anything I've seen elsewhere! They have rib eye steak, fish filets, vegetables and noodles and other stuff of pretty high quality. Most of the Mongolian BBQ joints I've been to seem like they are trying to give you the absolutes cheapest meats available.

Besides the BBQ, there is another station where they make fried tofu and some kind of noodle soup dishes to order. I haven't figured that one out yet.

Lunch is about $12 during the week, and dinner under $20, so it's a pretty good deal.