Sunday, February 28, 2016

Barcelona Epilogue: My Stash of Conservas


With last week being so packed with meetings, I barely had time to think ahead about what I wanted to eat. So I was beating myself up towards the end of the trip when I realized that I should have gone to a bar that served conservas, or that wonderful Spanish phenomenon of little cans of seafood. Fortunately, I had enough time to stop by the Plaça de Catalunya outlet of El Corte Inglés where I could at least buy some cans to bring home.

I was a bit puzzled at first. When I first found the latillas section at the supermarket downstairs, most items were only say ‎€2-3 (US$2.10-3.10). The most expensive items that I could find were the ones on the left, and even then, they were only ‎€8-12 (US$8.75-13.10). It was only after I purchased them and started leaving did I realize that there was a separate gourmet section, whereupon I found the remaining three items on the right, with items like the gulas at €28 (US$31).

The two clams on the left were straightforward, sitting in a water and salt clam juice that was good enough to drink. More interesting was the can of squid in the middle. Not only was it so rich that it was kinda cheese-like, but also the remaining olive oil and squid ink was awesome when mixed up with a bit of white rice. I haven't tried the last two yet, but I'll be sure to mention something later if they turn out to be interesting.

Update: OK I just tried the sea urchin, and it was a bit of a letdown. Still, they were very generous, packing the entire tin rather densely with the naturally sweet stuff. And I liked the gulas; the texture was more distinct in these.

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