Thursday, February 25, 2016

La Taverna del Clínic in Barcelona, Spain


To be honest, I had no idea what this place was until we arrived tonight (155 Carrer del Rosselló, 934-104221). See, it was actually part of a walking food tour, and the first two spots that our guide took us to weren't anything special aside from maybe a plate of fried chipirones baby squid. This place, on the other hand, looked and smelled much more promising.

We had a variety of items, all of which fared well. But that one above was my favorite. It looked a bit chi-chi, but it was a deliciously briny concoction topped with sea urchin and salt crystals. This place was apparently a top rated tapas spot in the Repsol Guide a few years ago, if I heard it correctly. And it seems the chef also spent some time with Santi. That explains a few things.

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