Sunday, May 17, 2015

Conservas Ortiz White Tuna Fillets from Spain

Conservas Ortiz White Tuna Fillets

Cool - I just found another can of tuna that rivals that awesome Don Bocarte one...and potentially beats it. This one was from Conservas Ortiz, which was available at Culina along with a number of their other products such as anchovies and a much cheaper yellowfin tuna. But I opted for the more expensive white tuna belly at S$21 (US$16), and it was awesome, being surprisingly silky with a delicate taste of rich fat weaved in there. And to think that this was cheaper than the Don Bocarte one too! I'll have to do a head-to-head comparison one day.

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Makanmata said...

FYI: Its actually really easy to make a better version of canned tuna at home, of even higher quality than the best spanish products, and for much less money. Just buy the nicest piece of tuna belly that you can find, cut into 2" square chunks and marinate it in a 10% solution of half salt and half sugar (i.e., 500g of water, 25g of sugar, 25g water) for 6-12 hours or so, and then drain and put tuna in a mason jar, fill the jar with olive oil to cover tuna (maybe add a slice of lemon rind, or not), and put the sealed jar in water heated to 51 degrees Celsius for an hour and 15 minutes -- super easy if you have an immersion circulator, but not too difficult to do with a burner and a thermometer. I promise that the result will blow you away and you will never feel the need to buy the canned stuff again. Recipe similar to the one in Modernist Cuisine at Home cookbook.