Sunday, September 28, 2014

Don Bocarte Atún Rojo Salvaje

Don Bocarte Atún Rojo Salvaje

WOW. I haven't gotten this excited about something that I've eaten in a while. See, after going through all of that canned tuna yesterday, I went back to Dean & Deluca to try to see what the more expensive version of that Don Bocarte tuna was like. And this thing just totally blew me away.

Like a cut of high quality ootoro, it was melt-in-your mouth fatty and tender, and seasoned perfectly right out of the can (didn't even need the little packet of salt that accompanied it). Seriously, I never would have thought this came out of a can if I hadn't seen it myself. I nearly drank every last drop of the olive oil that remained too. Yes, it was *that* good. Mmmmmm...

I'm definitely going to stock up on this stuff, although at S$36 (US$28) a can, this can get pretty expensive. I wonder how much of that is just a local markup; I should see if my Spanish colleague in the office can score me some at a lower price. This sh*t is awesome!!

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