Saturday, September 27, 2014

Another Canned Tuna Shootout

From left: Don Bocarte, Captain's Catch, and Albert Ménès

I told you that I've got a bit of an odd canned seafood fetish right now. Yes, I got really excited when I saw that S$19 (US$15) of Albert Ménès tuna from France, only to be followed days later by one from Don Bocarte at S$18 (US$14). I knew the Don Bocarte name from the anchovies that they serve at Lolla, so my hopes were highest for that. I balanced this all out with a cheap brand from Indonesia, if I read it correctly.

And while there were differences in taste, the more interesting thing was the dramatic differences in texture. The Don Bocarte came in a flatter tin, and they cut the flesh into attractively layered pieces. The French one, on the other hand, was very, very firm. The Captain's Catch was the worst of the three, both in terms of texture (splattered into loose fragments) and taste (reminded me of that nasty stuff I ate as I kid).

I think I saw a couple of more premium grades of both the Albert Ménès and the Don Bocarte at the store that may be worth a try next time. But for more affordable eating, I think I'll just hop over to Giant and buy that Calvo brand; cheap yet tasty.


SirJman said...

I'm in Australia right now. Let me know if you'd like something special from here, and you can bring me back a burger to SG next time.

bma said...


michczl said...

Calvo's tuna pate editions are SO GOOD. love the olive and tomato versions especially, and they turn white rice into magic rice.