Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Guan's Mee Pok at Maxwell Food Centre

Guan's Mee Pok with Fish Maw and Yakitori

Stall 99 at Maxwell Food Centre caught my eye the other day, as it was serving local mee pok, but with an odd twist of an ajitsuke tamago. I grabbed this bowl with fish maw in it, precisely because of how weird it sounded. And the fish maw actually went pretty well with it, as did the egg. Still, I won't get this again, in part because it was a little sloppy (residual water strikes again), and in part since there was nothing else that really stuck out about it (BTW, that oddly-placed yakitori was tender and smoky but was ruined by a thick goopy sauce).

Fuzhou Oyster Cake

Moreover, the portions were a bit small, and I still needed more food. So while I was at Maxwell Food Centre, I figured that I'd try to find that "UFO" oyster cake thing that everyone was talking about (stall number 5). It didn't look great at first, as it just seemed to be a lifeless disc of fried dough whose grease was oozing onto the wrapping paper. Only when I bit into it did I realize what all of the fuss was about: it was savory and briny thanks to the presence of oysters. What lovely creatures they are.

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