Saturday, July 11, 2015

Mushy Peas at Smiths Fish and Chips

Small Cod

No, this wasn't supposed to be fish and chips day. Nor did I come here to make comparisons. It's just that all of that talk earlier about mushy peas got me thinking of fish and chips again, and somehow it sounded perfect for dinner tonight. But I had to go somewhere that had mushy peas this time. Fortunately, Smiths has opened an outlet at Balmoral Plaza (271 Bukit Timah Road #01-02, 6737-9313), making it a bit easier to get to.

To Murphy's credit, the batter at Smiths was heavier and thus not as good. But I still liked this place better, especially the chips, which actually tasted like potatoes (and no, there's nothing *that* special about the mushy peas; I just wanted to get some, that's all). Next time I need to remember to order some tartar sauce (they charge for it here) as well as try something other than the cod, like perhaps the haddock, plaice, or halibut.

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