Saturday, June 20, 2015

Ippudo SG on Mohamed Sultan

Hakata Shoyu Tamago

After a few drinks and no real dinner tonight, I needed some food. Specifically, I wanted some soup noodles. I searched around a bit for things like prawn mee and phở, but the closest thing that was still open at this hour was Ippudo on Mohamed Sultan, a place that I haven't been to in years (back then, they still had that weird Tao branding).

I was in the mood for something thin, so I went for this shoyu, in part since it was also a "Singapore original creation." Alas, it's pretty clear that Ippudo's strength is in tonkotsu instead. This was frankly a yawner, despite all of the care that they clearly put into each of the ingredients. Keisuke did a much better job of shoyu, back when he still offered it, anyway.

Still, I loved a grilled chicken starter that I got on the side here, as it was perfectly moist and tender and yet still with that sinfullly crisp chicken skin on top. It would have been even better with some yuzu kosho rather than that weird wasabi dip on the side. But that chicken alone was worth the visit, even if the ramen was not.

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