Saturday, June 20, 2015

Shisen Hanten by Chen Kentaro in Singapore

Shui Zhu Yu

When we last came to this Japanese-Sichuan place two and a half years ago, they were still running under the name Szechwan Fan Dian. It looks like they have since started using their Japanese name instead. A few other things have changed slightly too. I seem to remember the fish in the shui zhu yu above being fresher and richer, while the rice was more polished and distinct (it was disappointingly mushy and gluey today). I'm not sure if the standards have changed, but at least the oil and chilies in the shui zhu yu were still so deliciously fragrant that we took the leftover chili peppers home. I loved how they garnished the cold dan dan mian with shiso leaf as well. I'll come back, but maybe next time I'll opt for the wagyu instead of the fish.

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