Thursday, June 18, 2015

Tianjin's 9Goubuli at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands

Handmade Noodles in Seafood Soup

This chain from Tianjin has been in Singapore for a few months now, but I've always avoided it, in part since the pictures I saw showed fancy table linens, and I never got in the mood for something that seemed so upscale. Yet when I passed by the main entrance today (2 Bayfront Avenue #B2-02, 6688-7799), there were no linens to be seen. OK, maybe this was casual enough that I could actually go in.

Like most restaurants from China, the menu was extremely long. I eventually settled on some of their signature dumplings, as well as those handmade noodles that the guy recommended. Actually, dumplings are the wrong word; they were more like thick baozi rather than xiaolongbao, although the latter was available too. The fillings were edible, but nothing spectacular either, despite the use of wagyu in one of them. In fact, some of them were rather sweet, which usually isn't something that appeals to me.

The noodles were better though. They were firm, and the kitchen took care in putting quality seafood on top. Granted, it wasn't so spectacular that I'll come back for it (the broth wasn't actually that tasty despite the beautiful yellow hue), but if I do, then I might try the spicy shuizhu version instead. I'd much rather come here than Crystal Jade, that's for sure.

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