Sunday, October 26, 2014

Nam Kee JB Pau at the Grandstand, Singapore

Amy Yip Baozi

A new place from Johor Bahru across the border has set up shop in the former location of DIO Burger (200 Turf Club Road #01-09). As the name suggests, they are known for their baozi, including a huge one called the Amy Yip Pau, which amusingly is in reference to a local sex symbol's large breasts. The meat and egg stuffing inside was mildly sweet, but I still ate it.

Ke Kou Noodle

Actually, these guys drew an even longer line for their noodles, including this one made from instant noodles, as well as a mee hoon kueh that the lady pulled by hand from a clump of dough. I liked the heartiness of both of them, even if the accompanying soy sauce was of the sweet Malaysian variety. Stay away from the drinks though; most of them were shockingly made from powdered packets!

Unique Seafood Market

BTW, I didn't realize until recently that there was a live seafood market upstairs at Turf City; it puts that Oceans of Seafood place downstairs to shame. I mean, I'd eaten at Ah Yat many years ago, but somehow I completely missed the shop with those huge holding tanks outside, presumably supplying not only the neighboring Chinese restaurants but also doing retail sales. Now I know where to pick up some live dungeness crab if I ever get homesick for a simply boiled version.

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muchadoabouteating said...

Went to this shop a couple of weeks ago and bought the Amy yip pau. The pau came in a Malaysia boleh's paper box with fei siong pte ltd address printed on its side ;p