Friday, May 31, 2013

Danton's Gulf Coast Seafood Kitchen, Houston

Half Dozen Oysters

It was only after I ordered this did I realize how "sparse" a half-dozen looks when they put it on a big platter like this. Anyway, I came here after that Firehouse Burger, in part since I needed some raw oysters to cleanse the palate, in part since I was nearby, and in part since I wanted to get some local Texan oysters. And these guys had an oyster bar that was supposed to be pretty well known (4611 Montrose Road, 713-807-8883).

Unfortunately, it was only when I walked in did I realize that the oyster bar only opened at 4 PM for Happy Hour. No worries though - I got a little booth in the dining room and ordered a half dozen as well as a side of okra and tomatoes. The oysters were surprisingly creamy, and were hardly briny compared to the ones that I'm used to. It was different, but nonetheless fresh enough that I wolfed them down in seconds, and naked at that (the oysters, not me).

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