Monday, December 10, 2012

Jimmy's Famous Seafood in Dundalk

Top Neck Clams

Before I got on that plane across the Pacific this week, I scouted for recommendations on a good place to get blue crab while I was out here. One of the local recommendations was this one (6526 Holabird Avenue, 633-4040). Despite it being out of season, crabs were available at this place all year round.

But there was one problem: I was totally stuffed from all of that food at Lexington Market just an hour before. And these guys had a six crab minimum. Even if my mantra is to never eat crab when you're hungry, there was no way that I was going to finish six of them. So instead, I got these local top neck clams, perhaps inspired by that dude next to me at the market earlier.

They were pretty darned salty. Of course, one kinda expects that when eating raw bivalves on the half shell, but unlike oysters, these lacked that savory burst of the ocean, if that makes any sense. Compared to oysters, they were so much less exciting, and I had to depend a lot more on that lemon and cocktail sauce than I normally would. Of course, I could still get a fresh clam taste, and the meat was nice and firm. But yeah, one of these days I need to get out to this area during crab season (and without eating anything an hour before!).

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