Saturday, June 09, 2012

Ramen Bar Suzuki, Singapore

Fish Powder Ramen

Another ramen shop has opened up, this time at Boat Quay (61 Circular Road #01-01). Like many others around town, this one is tonkotsu-based. At a quick glance, it almost seemed like an offshoot of Keisuke's Tonkotsu King given its white/red/black varieties, free eggs/beansprouts, and the eerily similar layout of its paper order forms. But alas, the black version was not based on those awesome sansho peppercorns that Keisuke uses. Instead, it was based on squid ink and roasted garlic...and it was mildly sweet at that, reminding me a bit of Butao in HK. I was a bit let down as a result.

Fortunately, their dinner menu featured a limited-quantity special that used fish powder, which gave the otherwise surprisingly thin broth a bit more character. And I kinda liked the coarsely cut scallions, as well as garlic chips and fried pork lard at your disposal should you wish to scoop some on (apparently they give unlimited bowls of white rice at lunch time too). But Keisuke is easily still my favorite by far. Now that I think of it, I should get back to Menya Musashi one of these days and try out the rest of their menu too.

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Daniel's Food Diary said...

You are fast! I should go try this. Do you know Menya Musashi opened one more at Ion?