Sunday, June 03, 2012

Monster Curry Has Replaced Go! Go! Curry!

Ebi Karaage Curry, Level 3

We weren't originally planning on coming here. But when we passed by the recently setup Go! Go! Curry! outlet at PARCO Marina Bay tonight, we found that it had already been replaced by something called Monster Curry. They were still serving Huhu Udon alongside it though, so I can only assume that it was the same owners that somehow didn't have the franchise rights to Go! Go! Curry! anymore and needed to rebrand itself (not sure if that was by choice or not). Well, what was fairly obvious was that this place was meant to compete with CoCo Ichibanya, as they offered five different levels of spiciness, with a dare to go to number five.

See those orange splotches in there? That was basically your level of spiciness, depending on how many you ordered. If you didn't mix it up, you could taste the original curry, which was thick and surprisingly sweet, although not necessarily annoyingly so. Either way, the surprise was the heat provided by those orange splotches: it was delightfully hot, and fun enough that I'd be willing to come back, even if it was a bit weird to have Japanese curry without those little pickles. Actually, just two squirts of the orange stuff was enough for me. Add a few more and I wonder how close that would get to an English phall?

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