Saturday, October 22, 2011

Yasai Curry from Bon Goût

Yasai Curry

Here was the vegetable curry from Bon Goût, a place that I haven't been to in ages. It looked better than it tasted, most likely because I've been spoiled by all of those other Japanese curry shops that have popped up around town lately. But all we needed was a quick meal tonight, especially since so many other places were fully booked tonight down at Robertson Quay.

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kachacko said...

Very interesting,informative blog. Nevertheless, the chef-turned-celebrity author, Anthony Bourdain, had lamented about their life in the over-heated, intense, and hazardous kitchens. The food they created there with grit, sweat and imagination, getting cut and burned in the process, were served and downed in a brief one hour or two, in the adjacent posh, elegant rooms. You still long to that life?