Sunday, October 31, 2010

Huhu Udon by En, ION Orchard

Himuro Udon

We came down to ION Orchard again today to try to get our hands on some more bánh mì, only to find that they don't start selling it until 3 PM after they get their order of bread. But on our way out, we came across this udon shop (#B4-56, 6509-3256). Run by the En Group, it was sitting right next to the ION Orchard outlet of Go! Go! Curry!.

We grabbed this cold himuro udon, which didn't come out with the sesame grater and shaved ice that was depicted in their menu. But the noodles were pleasantly thick and firm, which was good enough for me...and was much better than that Toku Toku place. I wish something like Rakugamo would come to Singapore though.

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