Sunday, April 25, 2010

Kamatama Udon from a Rakugama Outlet

Kamatama Udon

This was just a random place that we stopped at while wandering near the Ameyoko bazaar (6-3-11 Ueno, 5807-1940). It was a pretty cool shop: file into line at the counter, tell them which version of noodles you want, grab your choice of deep fried goods on the side like squid and pumpkin, add your garnishes, and then pay up. I went for this kamatama udon at the top of the list, which was served hot and topped with an egg yolk, even if the lady messed mine up and popped it. The sanuki noodles were very thick and chewy, making it much more pleasureable than that frozen stuff that one gets at the market. That worked for me.

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