Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Few Items from Meidi-Ya (Again)

Hello Kitty Seaweed Chips

Yes, somehow I ended up at Meidi-Ya twice in one day. But this time I noticed a couple things other than those oranges, like these little tins of seaweed. Is it just me or is there increasingly more Hello Kitty-branded food around these days? These were little strips of crunchy seaweed "chips" in a variety of flavors, and yes, I liked it better than that Tao Kae Noi stuff.

Mitsuya Cider and Pepsi Mont Blanc

Then when I was in the cold drink section, I noticed some Pepsi logos in the corner of my eye. Last week's Korean Coke immediately came to mind. But upon further inspection, this really was a local country variant of Pepsi, leveraging some kind of chestnut flavor, apparently. I didn't try it.

Kirin Mets Wild Charge

But the thing that I did drink was this Kirin Mets thing. Given its baseball inference and Wild Charge label, I thought maybe it was an energy drink or something. It didn't list caffeine in its ingredients but rather some kind of amino acid, which if I read it correctly, not only helps heal injuries and lower blood pressure, but peculiarly, can also be used as treatment for erectile dysfunction (!). Maybe they should have used little blue diamonds in the label instead.

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Cavalock said...

Yup, there's always something cool at Meidi-Ya. I spotted some Kosher cheese, Kurobuta pork and wagyu beef sausages, got the pix at my blog too.