Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sights From Across Singapore on a Sunday

Wasabi Towels

Here were just a few random but amusing things that I spotted across Singapore today, the first of which was that paper towel dispenser hanging off the side of a hawker's fridge. If one looks closely, the dispenser is designed to look like a giant tube of wasabi.

Hello Kitty Wine

Next up is Hello Kitty-branded wine from Da Paolo Gastronomia. And unlike that Kodomo No Nomimono children's beer, this one was really wine. I hope no kids get this confused with that Hello Kitty yogurt drink.

Urine Funnel

Finally, we saw this at an auto parts store. One doesn't need to be able to read Japanese to figure this one out. If you're still scratching your head at it, just imagine if you were stuck on a long road trip and maybe had a bit too much of that wine above. It'd save you the hassle of having to pull over at a gas station.


rushi927 said...

I just left Singapore after 4 years there to come to college in Sothern California and home sickness is setting in. I like posts like this, they remind me of home! Keep it up!

Nilcha said...

muahahhahahah (the last pic) is it the thing that we can use to pee in a car?! very innovative!

hello kitty wine? gosh can't wait for sponge bob-vodka :P