Monday, August 09, 2010

Kodomo No Nomimono Children's Beer

Kodomo No Nominono

Yep - you read that right: children's beer. I was merely looking to taste something new at Nirai-Kanai when I figured I'd give this stuff a try. It literally translated into "children's drink," so I wasn't expecting it to come out in a beer bottle, be served in a little Japanese beer glass, and come complete with some head on top.

It tasted like apple soda, but the idea of positioning faux-beer toward kids was a bit disturbing. (I suppose that one could also bundle it with some of those candy cigarettes to extend this bizarre concept.) Only afterwards did I realize that I had seen this before: at a toy store in Tokyo. Well, as least now I got to try it...and sadly, it was tasty enough that I'd get it again.

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wern leong said...

this is actually my favourite place for ramen, also pork belly done not too sweet, my wife really likes the brown caramel crepe, it's just a simple caramel crepe, with cream and pandan leaf... what do you think? will have to go try keisuke since you written bout it...