Saturday, February 26, 2011

Produce Scenes from Singapore Today

Malaysian King Bananas, Choklum Mangoes, and Jackfruit

After a lip-smackingly satisfying breakfast at Murugan Idli Shop this morning, I made my way across the street to the new extension of Mustafa. With a much wider selection of product available there now, I was hoping that maybe some special mangoes would be available, even if it was wishful thinking being only February. There were some of these Malaysian mangoes available, but perhaps more interesting were these king bananas in front of them. They were huge - like the size of a diakon. And yes, those jackfruit in the background were gigantic too. It was like the fruit-on-steroids section or something.

Thai Loofah

Then in the vegetable section I noticed these Thai loofahs. I'd always known loofahs to be those things from the soap stores that you're supposed to scrub your skin with (cue the shower scene in Caddyshack). It was only now when I looked it up did I realize that loofah is actually a vegetable that is eaten too. I suppose that it'd be some good roughage for your digestive system.

Hassaku Oranges

And on my way back I stopped at Meidi-Ya to see what kind of Japanese fruit was available today. They had these Hassaku oranges sold in what I felt were amusingly packaged sleeves of three or four. I didn't buy any though; I've come to realize that the Sunkist navel oranges that Meidi-ya selects for those sealed 4-packs are usually pretty good. As such, I can still get a proper juicy and tangy set of seedless oranges without having to pay those high Japanese prices.

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Just me said...

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