Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Run to die Kleinmarkthalle in Frankfurt

Vegetables for sale

We intentionally set a very long layover in Frankfurt today so that we could head into the city from the airport and hit up places like die Kleinmarkthalle before connecting to the next flight. As with other local markets, this place was loaded up with tons of fresh veggie stalls and butchers. But being in Germany, this one also featured local items like cheese, sausage, and bread, as well as a surprising number of stalls selling fresh pasta and very hot chili peppers, including fresh habanero.

A Pork and Garlic Sausage

One stall in particular always had a very long line whenever I came here, so I was glad to have been able to stop by today to see what all of the fuss was about. The proprietor suggested I get some pork and garlic sausage, to which she pulled a giant one out of the steamers and proceeded to slice off a chunk, giving you the option of the skin on or off. While I liked the sausage's refined taste, I depended quite heavily on the spicy mustard. Either way, it was fun to stand there and eat it with our fingers while standing off to the side. The stall was along the row of butchers and had the name Schreiber posted above it, but you'll most likely notice the long line flowing out of it first.

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