Tuesday, September 06, 2005

A Layover in Frankfurt’s Hauptwache

DSC02899 (Small)

On the of the things I love about flying Lufthansa is having to stop in Frankfurt on most trips, and the airport is conveniently located near the train that takes you right into the middle of town quickly. This time I was hoping to go to die Kleinmarkthalle market for some good food. Unfortunately, it closed at 6:15 PM (as luck would have it, I did not get there until 6:13 PM – ack!!). But it wasn’t that bad in the end. I eventually found a festival-type setup in Konstablerwache just one train station away, where I was able to secure a decent sausage (2.80 Euros, or US$3.50), grilled on the fire. It wasn’t quite as tasty as a previous sausage I had off the streets of Frankfurt, but it was still decently greasy (gotta laugh at how small the bun is though!). There were a couple vendors with these huge round grills suspended with chain links over a fire – now that’s a BBQ!

DSC02900 (Small)

I also grabbed a couple Binding beers for two Euros a pop (US$2.50). It was a lager, but it was exactly what I needed after a sweaty thirsty day. And just for kicks, I took a look at both McD’s and Burger King’s menus while I was walking along to verify John Travolta’s line in Pulp Fiction: “In Paris, you can buy a beer at McDonald’s.” Granted, this wasn’t France, but at least they do serve beer at McDonald’s in Germany.

DSC02908 (Small)

Anyway, this kind of little stopover is what makes Frankfurt great. I highly recommend flying Lufthansa and intentionally setting a long 6 hour stopover here if you can. You effectively get a free mini vacation out of it for little or no extra charge. Besides, I don’t mind the mildly sour German potato salad from the lounge either. :)


Anonymous said...

if you had a 6 hr layover in Frankfurt in the morning at 6am.... where would you go to get breakfast? :)

email brian -a-t- fearthepenguin.com
thanks... :)

bma said...

I think die Kleinmarkthalle opens at 7:30 AM, so I'd say go to the lounge and take a shower after your flight and then hop on the train into the city. Honestly, I don't know if there would actually be "breakfast" per se at the market (I just love the sight of all the cheese, sausages, and fruit in that place), but it's right in the middle of the city, so I would imagine that there would be some proper restaurants around serving breakfast if the market doesn't work out for you.

Ravi said...

Hi, I am going to arrive in Frankfurt for a layover enroute to India at 530 am and then depart at 1:30 pm. Around what time would you suggest leaving frankfurt for the airport?