Wednesday, June 11, 2008

One Happy Potato Soup from Berlin

Berlin Potato Soup with Sausage

One couldn't help but chuckle at what had to have been one of the most phallic presentations of food that I'd ever seen. This was supposed to be a local potato soup. I don't know if it usually comes with a sausage standing upright like that or not, but at least it tasted fine.

BTW, the name of the restaurant was Diekmann (5 Alte Potsdamer Strasse, 2529-7524), contrary to what it might look like at a quick glance, especially in the context of the photo.

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Pete said...

Jokes aside, I thought the frankfurter (bratwurst?) looked delicious. I'm a fan of your blog for ages & really enjoyed the photos of food which you had. A small request, do you think you can also snap photos of the restaurants you visited if they are really nice, or have great views? Anyway, it's just a thought. Thanks!