Friday, March 28, 2008

Another Japanese Drink Roundup

From left: Calpis Marshmallows, Suntory Shiroi Nachan, Kirin Shaba Daba

Here's another rundown of some local drinks encountered over the past few days. OK - the first one on the left was not an actual drink, but it was interesting since those marshmallows pretty much tasted just like Calpis. The one in the middle was a Calpis competitor, while the last one was just some grapefruit soda. I was rather fond of this little red bottle though - it was some kind of tarty cherry drink called Acerola.

AcerolaNot pictured here was the shikwasa biiru that we got at one of the ramen shops. Shikwasa is some kind of Okinawan lime that is squeezed into a glass of beer before drinking. That made it sound a bit like a Mexican michelada, but this one was kind of sweet (almost like lemon into a German wheat beer) rather than the salt and hot sauce taste of a michelada. I wasn't a big fan.

DyDo Corn SoupWant some hot corn soup? I once bought some corn soup that was pre-heated in the can from a vending machine here in Japan, but haven't seen one in a vending machine for quite some time now. Tonight, I found this at a 7-Eleven, where it was sitting on the pre-heated rack next to all of the coffee, tea, and lemon drinks. The taste of this one was a bit boring to me though.

Onikoroshi sake in a juice boxFinally, here's one that is hot on the heels of our wine-in-a-juice-box discussion: how about sake-in-a-box instead? This one featured one of my usual brands from years ago called Onikoroshi, which literally translates into "Devil Kill" (or as it seems to be called on the Internet these days, the "Demon Killer"). But it's been so long since I've had this stuff that I can hardly make a comparison. Either way, it was mild enough that it made for easy sipping.

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