Thursday, September 06, 2007

French Fries from a Japanese Vending Machine

Furaido Poteto

Here are some French fries from a Japanese vending machine. Not surprisingly, they were a bit soggy like when you microwave leftover fries. But they did come out piping hot (and with a little packet of salt on the side). And for the purposes of a quick midnight snack, they served their purpose, even if 450 Yen (US$3.90) does seem a bit pricey.


Anonymous said...

mmmm... from the box: fu-rie-do po-ta-to

I always appreciated the vending machines with hot drinks (especially hot milk tea) when living in Japan. But, I think they wouldn't be as popular in the current Japanese heat wave!

Valerie said...

hello, found ur blog on elle magazine this month sept 2007. I would like to keep in touch with you..but i am no longer on blogger.I will leave my email addy here

sohcool said...

Hi, I was just wondering how the french fries tasted like cos I saw one of these machines in France.
From your comments, guess I won't try it.

Anonymous said...

I saw a similar machine in Australia, The fries tsted amazing and definately looked a lot better than the ones in you picture. It was called the FoodCube French Fries Vending Machine, not sure how it works exactly but definately fries the product fresh.