Sunday, March 16, 2008

Wine in a Juice Box - With a Straw

Wine in a juice boxHa ha! We have discussed wine in a can. But how about wine in a box? This is not that big box wine with the plastic tap...these are single servings in little juice boxes, complete with a plastic-wrapped straw glued to the side.

I know nothing about wine, so I really couldn't tell you if this were any good or not. But for only S$6.50 (US$4.60) at a local 7-Eleven, these little 250 ml boxes from France conveniently (and amusingly) provided a couple glasses worth of wine fitting for a Sunday afternoon. Chuckle, chuckle...


Colin said...

Sacre bleu.. c'est abominable!

sofia said...

i tried this just last week, to go with takeaway mutton skewers from a shop just two doors down from the 7-11 on tanjong pagar road.

not bad for instant wine and meat.

barred owl said...

hi there, long time reader first time commenter

i just wanted to give you some mad props and let you know that i started a new blog called
where i will be posting about food and birds and restaurants and other fun stuff!