Monday, January 14, 2008

Barokes Wine in a Can on Tiger Airways

Barokes Chardonnay Semillon

One thing I noticed about no-frills Tiger Airways is that they sure have a lot of advertising, presumably to help make up for the low airfares: the Visa logo on the flight attendants' shirts, the ads for Australia's Northern Territory on the overhead bins, and interestingly enough, a verbal plug on the loudspeakers that they are selling some "award-winning" wine in a can on board. I slapped down my S$5 (US$3.30) for a can, pretty just much out of curiosity...and I suppose a mild novelty factor.

Now, I am not a wine person, so I really couldn't tell you if this were any good or not (all of that nasty Cisco and Boone's Farm Strawberry Hill from back in college probably did some permanent damage to any wine sensing ability that might have existed). But that little can did get you nearly two glasses worth, even if it were in a cheapie airline cup.


Victor said...

I have tried both white and red from a can and these wines are both really nice, fruity, easy but still you can taste that it's a true wine. I work with wines so you can trust me :)

Anonymous said...

I have also tried both the wines, they are pretty good esp if you cannot finish 1 full bottle of wine. i prefer the red wine, the white is a bit stinger & the pink is not as good, value for money.